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Having trouble driving leads for your Magento store? Our Magento SEO experts excel in producing sales.

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Our SEO team has a background in doing SEO for a large product volume. We’ve helped businesses like Steelcase increase their online sales by upwards of 400% in a year. Oliver Sweeney managed to nearly replace their paid initiatives with a 82% reduced CPA.

Realize a 300% increase in sales.

Our Magento SEO experts produce results.

Each campaign we take on for our clients involves an in-depth look at the products they offer, the audience they are targeting, and their current efforts in order to compile the right approach. For Magento SEO projects, our SEO and Magento experts collaborate to determine the best way to bring together a combination of on-page and off-page efforts. As a result, our clients generally see results within the first six months and significant results within the first year.

Realize a 68% CPA reduction.

Oh, and enjoy a 300% increase in sales.

We build SEO campaigns to help businesses reduce and replace their advertising costs while achieving the same or better sales objectives. Our campaigns are capable of completely replacing PPC efforts, reducing a reliance on paid search and online advertising campaigns. Our keyword selection processes, increased focus on conversion rates, and ensuring targeted audiences are directly relevant, we achieve results that even Google Adwords would be jealous of.

We use your data to create insight.

We analyze your Magento store analytics to restrategize.

Transparency is something DMA takes a firm stance on. We build reports that detail all of our efforts, the results of those efforts, and forecasts of upcoming rankings and traffic based on the current efforts. We provide these reports both to hold ourselves accountable for the results we achieve and to help our clients understand the true benefit we provide to them. With this information, we help our clients take full advantage of the rankings they are seeing from their search volume and to help them grow their digital marketing efforts.

High precision Magento SEO services.

Our Magento SEO experts know how to create campaigns which out-perform paid efforts.

Project Analysis

We delve into all facets of each SEO campaign to make sure we plan the right approach for the right results.

Competitor Analysis

Top competitors are analyzed in order to understand their SEO performance and how they got there.

On Page

Our SEO experts make changes to the structure and content of product listings for optimal search visibility.

Off Page

Efforts are placed in building off-site links and online engagements in order to improve a page’s value to search engines.

Product Reviews

We drive product reviews to showcase a positive reception to the products for greater search visibility.


An SEO expert’s job is never done. We continue to re-assess as algorithmic changes are made to keep sites at the top.



What sets our experts from the rest is their over nine years of experience in building organic campaigns which not only increase traffic, but cost a fraction of what paid campaigns cost in the long-term. Let our experts build a SEO campaign built with your own Magento store in mind to see the true potential of organic search.

77% of the Magento SEO campaigns fail.

You deserve the best.